Britain's leading pirate expert has hit back at Hollywood's portrayal of buccaneers in films like Pirates Of The Caribbean, insisting they should be portrayed as historical terrorists. Former National Maritime Museum curator-turned-author DAVID CORDINGLEY was hired as a consultant on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL and was appalled to see producers were planning to dismiss the awful truth and portray their sea villains as cheeky, romantic rogues. He says, "I told the producers that the language was incorrect - it was gobbledy-gook and I told them that all of this simply wouldn't have happened. They explained, 'This is Hollywood, don't take it too seriously.'" Cordingley, the author of UNDER THE BLACK FLAG: THE ROMANCE + REALITY OF LIFE AMONG THE PIRATES, has since passed on the chance to work on the film's sequels, stating it's time Hollywood develop a horror film about what pirates were really like. He says, "On the whole, pirates were 18th century burglars, murderers, the type of people who today hold up aeroplanes and terrorists. "They tortured sailors for information, looted ships, killed all onboard, raped the women and then sunk the ship. Most of them ended their lives hanging from gallows. "I have nothing against Johnny Depp's portrayal of a pirate - his CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW is creepy, ruthless, untrustworthy; I thought he was pretty authentic - but I'd like to see a film that portrays pirates as the true villains they were."