Fans of magazine gossip are campaigning for Pirates Of The Caribbean co-stars Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp to star in a gay love scene together. When readers of America's Jane magazine were asked who they'd cast as homosexual lovers in a Brokeback Mountain sequel, they unanimously gave the movie pirates their vote. Depp has already admitted his Pirates of the Caribbean character, CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW, has a gay quality about him, insisting his research suggested many pirates were bisexual. In one recent interview, the movie hunk said, "Pirates went to sea for years at a time. You're lonely... you have an extra ration of rum... 'Cabin boy!'" The Jane summer (06) poll also asked readers to vote for the 'Celeb who'd make a great politician' (Angelina Jolie) and the 'Star whose closet you'd like to raid' (Sienna Miller). Readers also voted George Clooney as the 'Older man you want to get stuck in an elevator with at the Chateau Marmont (Hollywood hotel)' and Johnny Knoxville as the 'Guy you're most ashamed to admit you have a crush on.'