Pirates Of The Caribbean actress Keira Knightley has spoken out against the celebrity lifestyle – again.

The 22-year-old told the Radio Times that the idea of children aspiring to fame and fortune repels her.

"Why? Because you can get into a restaurant? You know what? If you book, you can get into a restaurant!" she told the magazine.

She said the stock market was a better way for children to find riches.

But then not many stock brokers have starred in Hollywood blockbusters like Love Actually, King Arthur and Domino, have they?

It seems Knightley has a problem with the idea of celebrities elevated above the ranks of lesser mortals, suggesting practices like airbrushing in photo shoots are fake.

Her rant to the Radio Times is not the first time she has spoken out against her lifestyle. In May she was telling Elle magazine that the pressures of fame were enough to make her consider dropping acting altogether.

Such a move would not be characteristic of the usually determined Knightley, who persevered in acting despite critics branding her performance in breakthrough film Bend It Like Beckham as appalling.

At least now she admits that her effort was less than impressive, resting comfortably on the laurels of her Oscar-nominated performance in last year's Pride and Prejudice.

"I completely agreed on every level. I didn't go to drama school, so I didn't get the training," she explained.

22/08/2007 10:37:54