Pirates Of The Caribbean actress Keira Knightley was terrified when the movie's director made her walk the plank - but still refused the offer of a stuntwoman.

The British BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star was petrified when Gore Verbinski left her standing at the end of the plank for take after take - while the boat they were filming on was bobbing about on turbulent waters far from shore.

Keira recalls, "Filming lasted two days. I don't have a fear of heights but standing out on this plank for all that time I got freaked out. The waves were going up and down and the boat was moving and the wind was blowing and everything.

"I was pretty scared. After two days, when we finally filmed the scene where I go in the water, the director said, 'You don't actually have to jump off, we can get the stunt girl.'

"I thought, 'You're joking! I've stood up here for two days scared out of my wits and I don't have to jump off? No, I'm jumping!'"

29/06/2003 10:39