Pirates Of The Caribbean star Keira Knightley has claimed she doesn't think of herself as a celebrity and is tired of defending her body shape.

Speaking to the Mirror, the 22-year-old actress admitted it was only when she saw the toy figures of herself as a Pirates character that she realised she was a celebrity.

But she added that she still sees herself as an actress first and actively avoids the celebrity side of the job. Keira said: "It's all pretty difficult to deal with. I am an actress but I don't see myself as a celebrity.

"The whole celebrity thing seems to be a job that you find yourself in and you haven't actually signed up for it."

She claimed that one of the biggest problems with the media spotlight was the attention she gets over her weight. The naturally slim actress said she gets upset when people insist she has an eating disorder.

"No, no, no. I have never had a problem and I hope never to have one. I'm skinny, but I eat like a normal person," she said.

Keira has recently admitted she would give up acting in a second to rid herself of the celebrity spotlight, although it remains to be seen whether she will hang up her acting shoes for good.

14/05/2007 09:20:34