Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL beauty KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has been voted the sexiest British actress of the moment in a recent poll.

Website TISCALI.CO.UK conducted the poll of 4,000 film fans in order to see which male and female stars were considered to be the most attractive - and Bridget Jones's Diary hunk Colin Firth scooped the top gong for the men.

The site's editor, RICHARD AYERS, says, "It was great to see a scrap between the older fans of Firth fighting off the teenage hordes of ORLANDO BLOOM."

The full female top ten is:

1. Keira Knightley

2. Kate Winslet

3. Rachel Weisz

4. Liz Hurley

5. Kate Beckinsale

6. Kristin Scott Thomas

7. Joely Richardson

8. Parminder Nagra

9. Alex Kingston

10. Helena Bonham Carter

The full male top ten is:


2. Orlando Bloom

3. Alan Rickman

4. Sean Connery

5. Sean Bean

6. Hugh Grant

7. Colin Farrell

8. Liam Neeson

9. Robert Carlyle

10. Ewan McGregor

26/10/2003 11:04