Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL hunk Johnny Depp feels uncomfortable giving younger actors advice - because his own life has been plagued by a series of mistakes.

The eccentric star - who appears alongside young newcomers Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in the blockbuster - admits he found issuing words of wisdom to the up-and-coming actors a real struggle.

Johnny explains, "I'm really no one to be giving advice. I've stepped in more s*** than most people - and on purpose.

"But because how they initially tried to present me to the public was such an uncomfortable skin to be forced in, I fought. And it's still going on to some degree, even at the ripe old age of 40."

The father of LILY-ROSE and JACK adds, "So when Orlando comes to me and says, 'Hey man, they want me to be this and do that,' essentially I told him, 'F*** 'em. Just do what you need to do for you.'"

07/08/2003 02:23