For the first year since DVDs came on the market a decade ago, studios and retailers are expected to report a sales decline in the format this year. The New York Post reported today (Tuesday) that sales for the year are expected to come in at around $23 billion, down from $24 billion last year. The deficit could be erased if a few of the blockbuster titles being released this month perform beyond expectations. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End is being released today (Tuesday) and is expected to become the year's biggest seller. Also due out this month are the latest Bourne and Harry Potter sequels and The Simpsons Movie. Analysts are not optimistic, pointing out that the DVD versions of the latest Spider-Man and Shrek movies failed to live up to expectations. Alan Gould, an analyst with Natixis Bleichroeder, was quoted by the Post as saying, "Blockbuster films are generating fewer DVD unit sales than in previous cycles. ... Where a big picture used to sell 20 million units, top movies now struggle to reach 10 million units."