One of the biggest film releases of the year takes place this weekend as Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: AT WORLD'S END hits cinema screens.

But no sooner has one swashbuckling adventure left the editing suite than another could be in the pipeline for production.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun newspaper, Johnny Depp revealed he would be prepared, if the offer was right, to reprise his role as CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW for a fourth time.

Depp's thirst for action on the high seas, and the chance to star alongside esteemed contemporaries such as Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, means he isn't done yet as the camped-up pirate.

"I've never really felt I'm done with playing the character, so why shouldn't we try a fourth and a fifth?" he told the Sun.

"If I were approached to play Captain Jack again, under the right circumstances you know, with all the right and proper elements involved and a good script, I would definitely give it some serious thought."

Before that though, cinema fans can take advantage of the forthcoming bank holiday weekend to tuck into a pirate feast as GORE VERBINSKI's third Pirates film debuts across the UK.

25/05/2007 16:47:14