Pirates Of The Caribbean star Orlando Bloom had to undergo three separate operations to remove spines from his foot after stepping on a sea urchin while surfing in Mexico. The star stepped on the prickly creature while he was filming Troy with Brad Pitt and immediately sought help from his girlfriend Kate Bosworth. He explains, "I did a lot of surfing in Cabo (San Lucas) while I was shooting TROY. "I was just surfing and the tide had gone down a bit. I wiped out on the board and I was sort of paddling my way up to the top and I put my foot down right on a rock and it was a sea urchin. "I had like 25 of those things (spines) in my foot. My girlfriend peed on it. Apparently you're supposed to pee on it and it doesn't do s**t... it doesn't do anything, believe me. "It's kind of sexy in one sense (to have Bosworth pee on him), but it did absolutely nothing for my foot. I stepped on a sea urchin just so she could pee on my foot! It was all premeditated! "Apparently when anything from the ocean gets you - if it's a stingray you pee on it, if it's a sea urchin, you pee on them, if you see a shark you should just pee on it and it will leave you alone. "I was in so much pain I can't even tell you. There are nerve endings in the bottom of your foot. This was like 20 of them and they were deep. You try and pull them out and they just keep breaking off. "They kind of crumble. I ended up stumbling around the place with this for like a week. I ended up flying back to LA and having surgery - they sliced me open three times to get them out. "Then I had to go back because one was left in. Stay away from sea urchins, that's basically the message!"