We all saw the scandal unfold in front of our eyes, as media darling Pippa Middleton got caught up in the middle of a gun-fuelled frenzy after a member of the group she was with pointed a gun at a paparazzi whilst visiting Paris. It was a fake gun, but as you'd expect the tabloids went crazy after what has been called 'Gungate.'

According to a report for E! though, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has since become almost hermit-like since the event and only just made herself public again when she was spotted out in Central London yesterday, on her way to the Rosano Ferreti Hair Spa. Photographic reports hint at the media personality was not her usual chipper self, appearing much more downtrodden - suggesting that the past event of 'Gungate' is still on her mind.

The real reason Pippa was in Paris was to attend the 30th Birthday party of friend and fashion designer VISCOUNT ARTHUR DE SOULTRAIT. Pippa, Arthur and the lawyer-friend responsible for the whole debacle have since apologised the fiasco caused. All have cited no ill will in the incident, as it was just an attempt at some harmless fun rather than an attempt to stir up a media frenzy.