After her gun controversy in Paris, Pippa Middleton has chosen New York as her next city in which to make headlines. The British socialite - sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton - arrived in the Big Apple on Sunday (September 2, 2012) and was seen hanging out with multimillionaire hotelier ANDRE BALAZS.
According to the New York Post, Pippa played table tennis with Andre at his boutique hotel Sunset Beach. One insider said there was "definite chemistry between the pair," who also shared dinner on Sunday night. The eyewitness added, "Pippa was wearing red jeans and a white top. She was dressed sexy, but not too sexy". When fans began recognizing the socialite, she posed for pictures before eventually taking off. Balazs has previously been linked to Uma Thurman and more recently Chelsea Handler, while Middleton is continuously linked to the former cricketer Alex Loudon back in London. It seems Pippa wasn't ready to turn in for the night, and made a beeline for a party in the Meatpacking District. A source said she asked staff at the Carlyle Hotel to make her a reservation at hot-spot 'Catch', later arriving in a "sleek, teal green, knee-length wrap dress". She stayed for "just over an hour" before hailing a taxi for herself.
To confuse matters even further, Pippa enjoyed the Vip treatment at the U.S. Open tennis competition the following day, with junior tennis player Spencer Vegosen, 24.