Pippa Middleton 's bridesmaid's dress, worn at the Royal Wedding of her sister Kate and Prince William in April of this year, is to be sold seven months after it turned her into a fashion icon and one of the most desirable females on the planet. The dress was designed by renowned fashion designer Alexander McQueen and the replicas cost 1,995 ($3,100) exclusively through Net-A-Porter, reports E! Online; the on sale designs are almost exactly the same except for a zip at the back instead of the buttons that were used on the original design.
Elsewhere, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has been spending time with close friend George Percy in the wake of her split with boyfriend Alex Loudon, the UK's Daily Mail reports. Middleton apparently spent time in the Northumbrian town of Alnwick in the north of England with Percy, son of the Duke Of Northumberland - attending church on the Sunday to the ignorance of its reverend David Archer. "I had noticed an attractive lady in the front row," admitted the clergyman, "but I did not realise it was her. She did look like Pippa Middleton."
Middleton split up with boyfriend Alex Loudon recently after he reportedly found her new found celebrity status too much to handle.