Pippa Middleton has been showing her brother in law Prince Harry how one should behave when one goes on holiday to the United States and she's been keeping some pretty swanky company whilst she's been out there. Pippa has been staying with ANDRE BALAZS, the 55 year-old property mogul who used to date both Uma Thurman and Chelsea Handler. Pippa went out to New York over Labor Day weekend and - unlike Prince Harry - managed to conduct herself in a demure fashion, most becoming of a young lady with royal connections.
On September 2, 2012, Pippa and Andre went for dinner at the Sunset Beach restaurant, with a handful of friends. Initially, her attempt at a low-key night out was successful, until she started queuing for the ladies, which is when she started to get recognised and that quiet night out soon started to change. Fellow diner and MTV Canada host Aliya Jasmine Sovani told US Weekly "She got really embarrassed when some people recognized her while she was in line. She actually turned bright red!"
The previous night, Middleton could be seen dining out at the city's upmarket Catch restaurant, where she sampled some of Hungh Huynh's exquisite seafood cuisine, as well as sharing a bottle of white wine with a friend. Pippa's trip isn't purely leisure though, she's been busy speaking to publisher's about her new party-planning book and doing interviews. We reckon Harry could take a leaf out of Pip's book when to comes to his holiday activities.