Piper Perabo, the American actress and star of 'Covert Affairs', has revealed she trained every day for her role on season two of the show, which premieres tonight (7th June 2011). Piper Perabo stars in the Usa Network crime-drama, which became a surprise hit following its debut season last summer.
The show follows young Cia trainee 'Annie Walker', who is mysteriously sent out into the field to capture her ex-boyfriend. The actress claims to have undergone an intense fitness schedule to get in peak condition for the new series, telling Fox All Access, "The training is actually on a daily basis. Before we started the show. there was a real conversation with Doug Liman, our Executive Producer, about the style of fighting my character would have". Perabo said her battles with "full grown men" had to look realistic, adding, "I'm a woman, and I only weight so much, and I'm not a superhero.The character isn't a superhero, she's a real person". Piper's character reunited with her boyfriend 'Ben' during the final episode of season one, but during a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune the actress said, "Ben is not that trustworthy of a guy. In Season 1 he puts Annie in a lot of dangerous situations and kind of doesn't go help her out".
Piper Perabo, a Golden Globe-nominated actress, is perhaps best known for her role as the eldest Baker child in the 2003 movie 'Cheaper by the Dozen'. She also starred in 'The Prestige', 'Perfect Opposites' and 'The Cave'.