Pink has confessed that her record label altered the title of her latest single, in an interview with MTV. It was originally supposed to be entitled 'Blow Me' but the record label executives clearly decided that that was a little bit too racy for their liking and made a small addition, so that the title changed to 'Blow Me (One More Time).' "My new single is called 'Blow Me.'" Pink told Mtv. "I believe the record company added the '(One Last Kiss)'
She's not letting the censorship get to her though and has revealed how much she loves the song, despite her fans never seeming to like her first choice of single. "The moment I heard it and it was finished, I thought, 'This is the song at 2 a.m., in New York, dancing, drunk, letting off steam.' I could picture all my punk-rock friends dancing and singing along on the dance floor." Like the Pink albums before it, fans can expect an eclectic mix of genres on her forthcoming long-player 'The Truth About Love.' "Even my dearest, most loyal fans are always like 'I hate her first single choice,'" reveals Pink, adding "it's really hard for one song to represent a whole Pink album, because a whole Pink album doesn't make sense. The only common thread is my voice".
The lively singer also explained that her favorite song on the album - the title track - is about her struggle to find happiness and then, when she did, her struggle to come to terms with that happiness. "I don't know what I'm doing when I go in to record an album, so I think that's the theme: questions and experiences and running from - and running to - love."