Pink has burned her leg on her husband's motorcycle.

The 'So What' singer was riding pillion on her motocross racer husband Carey Hart's bike and her leg slipped and touched the red hot exhaust.

She tweeted: "To answer the leg question: I burnt my leg on hubbys pipes. Burns are no fun. Hot pipes aren't either. At least not that kind lol. (sic)"

Pink spent most of yesterday (13.04.10) working on bikes with Carey and hanging out with her friend, American musician Butch Walker.

She revealed in another twitter post: "Hangin with the boys. Workin on bikes while @butchwalker tunes my drums. That sounds weird. (sic)"

Despite her leg injury, Pink went to yoga yesterday, but admits the session took a lot of her - because it was so hard.

Pink revealed on twitter: "Bikram yoga tried to kill me today. That would be such a silly way to die."

This is not the first time Pink has suffered difficulties on a motorcycle.

The couple were recently enjoying a romantic day out on their bikes but the singer experienced a problem as they left the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas, California.

A source said: "After they got on their separate bikes, Pink noticed that one of her tires needed air."

Carey then helped his wife to a nearby gas station and filled up her tires.