Singer Pink is urging her fans to contain their excitement over her cameo in the upcoming Charlie's Angels sequel - because her appearance is so short, it's easily missed.

The singer, whose new track FEEL GOOD TIME serves as the lead track for CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE, participates in a high-adrenaline motocross scene with her boyfriend Carey Hart in the flick.

But she says of her cameo, "If you blink you'll miss it. I was very important - it was a very difficult role - tough girl with an attitude. I was hot!"

But despite her self praise, Pink admits she's more comfortable holding a microphone than standing in front of a camera.

She adds, "It's kinda weird. It's easier for me to sing. When I talk I feel pretty goofy, but it's fun."

17/06/2003 21:35