Pop wildchild Pink has reignited her feud with former pal CHRISTINA AGUILERA - blasting the DIRRTY diva "insecure" and "angry".

The JUST LIKE A PILL singer was furious to discover her Lady Marmalade collaborator had been badmouthing her in the British press and has since severed ties with the blonde bombshell.

But Pink says she has no idea why Christina turned against her because they never shared a particularly close friendship anyway.

She says, "I don't know at which point it changed, to be honest, because I've never really spent that much time with her. I've just noticed from reading different articles that she's a really angry girl and I'm not the only person she talks s*** about.

"I have to assume it comes from insecurity. So I distanced myself from her in the beginning, but then it kept coming back to me through the media.

"I feel like her grandma. I don't expect everyone to like me, but tell me about it. Don't go talking sh** in the British press and think I won't hear about it because I'm in America."

11/02/2004 21:03