Pink admits she worries about her vocal ability before recording new music.

The three-time Grammy winner is always relived that she can still sing and write new songs after taking a break.

The 33-year-old 'So What' singer told ''When I start a record, I'm like, 'God, I wonder if I can even sing.' But I write poetry and keep a journal, then the first day I go into the studio, I'm like, 'Here we go, I'm turning the faucet on!' I bottle it up for so long that the inspiration is always there. ''

The mother-of-one, who is married to Carey Hart and has a 20-month-old daughter Willow, always opened up about her secret to keeping her marriage on track and claims her husband doesn't mind being the subject of a lot of her lyrics.

She said: ''He's like, 'Look, I know you, we have a good sense of humour, and I know what I signed up for. I only listen to half of what you say anyway!' When he starts listening to me too much, we have problems!''

Pink is up for Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles tonight (10.02.13) and will kick off her US tour on Wednesday (13.02.13).