Punk pop star Pink is eagerly anticipating the backlash over her new music video, and has vowed to personally tackle the angry stars she parodies - should they dare complain.

The music video for STUPID GIRLS sees the singer mercilessly ridicule stars including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson, poking fun at their fame-hungry actions.

And she is ready for their counter-attack.

She says, "As of Monday, when the video's out, I'm going to have to wear a bullet-proof vest.

"My PR has already got so many calls from a bunch of women who think I'm slating them, but I don't care. I grab the phone myself and I'm like. 'Yeah? What do you want?

"It's fun stirring it all up. I'm not afraid. I don't know Paris Hilton, but I know about her porno, ONE NIGHT IN PARIS."