Pop punk Pink has been warned about her future behaviour after signing a lucrative sponsorship deal with soft drinks giants PEPSI.

The GET THE PARTY STARTED star is noted for her uncompromising behaviour - which has included a penchant for tattoos and piercings, a public lesbian kiss with Terminator 3 actress Kristanna Loken and a new relationship with rock bad boy TOMMY LEE.

However, now Pink - real name ALICIA MOORE - has landed her deal with Pepsi, the company has reportedly told her she must set a good example for their young customers.

A source tells Scottish newspaper THE DAILY RECORD, "Her huge popularity with the kids meant all that was overlooked.

"But Pink has been told to be mindful of how she is seen in the public eye. Pepsi do not want another Tommy Lee (sex) video hitting the headlines or her getting a ring through her nose.

"That would mean every parent freaking out that their kid would follow suit."

15/01/2004 13:53