The Trouble singer reveals she asked the Purple Rain hitmaker, who died last week (21Apr16), to record with her - and she wasn't happy with his response.

Recalling the encounter during a radio interview with Nova FM's Fitzy & Wippa on Thursday morning (28Apr16), Pink said, "I actually had an argument with Prince once... It was about owning your own masters (original recordings).

"I asked him to collaborate with me (and) he asked if I owned my masters. I told him, 'No, I didn't', because I had just actually got a record deal, so it was a little early for me to be demanding my masters back. He told me to call him when I did. I told him he was a rude f**k, then I went on stage.

"I was 19 at the time, so I didn't see people from good places back then."

But like all music fans, she was left devastated when she heard the news of his death, adding, "With Prince and (David) Bowie and others (gone)... the world lost a lot of sparkle this year and it's left a hole in my heart because I don't know what's going to replace it... These people are irreplaceable and it's just really, really sad."

Meanwhile, actor Larenz Tate, whose dancer/choreographer wife, Tomasina Parrott, once toured with Prince, told Access Hollywood Live, it felt like "the world just stopped" when he heard his music idol had died last week.

"My wife was on tour with him for about 19 months when she and I first met...," he said. "He was just an incredible artist. He played every instrument. In rehearsals, she (Parrott) would say, he knew every single instrument and how to play it... These were, like, incredible musicians but he was, like, the smartest guy in the room all the time."

But Prince's work ethic played havoc with Tate's love life: "They'd do a concert and then they'd have to go and do an after-party and then an after-after-party, and I'd call her at five or six in the morning and they're still going. And she's like, 'The guy just doesn't stop!'"