Pink has admitted balancing her career and her family is the ''hardest part'' of being a working mother.

The 38-year-old singer has six-year-old daughter Willow and nine-month-old son Jameson with her husband Carey Hart, and has said that since becoming a mother, her career as a musician is no longer a ''simple puzzle'', as she has to try and juggle family time alongside her job.

Speaking in a clip for her new documentary 'On the Record: P!nk - Beautiful Trauma' - which will be available on Apple Music from October 13 - Pink said: ''I would like to put everything I am and everything I have into everything that I do. I'd say the hardest part is just trying to figure it all out. I signed up for this when I was 16 and now I have children and I have a marriage. I just want to always make sure that I'm doing right by them. It's not a simple puzzle anymore - it's not just me.''

The trailer for the documentary shows the 'What About Us' hitmaker juggling the release of her album 'Beautiful Trauma' alongside her day to day tasks as a mother, and she reveals the perfect balance can be hard to find.

She added: ''The studio sessions, then you write the songs, and then you have to finish the songs and somebody's in New York and somebody's in Philadelphia. Then maybe there's a choir in Philadelphia and then it's photo shoots, it's video shoots, and then you're in dance rehearsals.

''Then you're on a festival tour at the same time over here and you're getting ready for your regular tour, so it's rehearsals and it's putting on shows and then your six-year-old has surf camp and your eight-[month]-old has a vaccination and then your album's out.''