Pink has said her daughter is ''embarrassed'' by her.

The 37-year-old musician celebrated her daughter Willow's sixth birthday over the weekend, and has joked that she can't imagine why the young girl would feel ashamed to be seen with her when she wears ''bizarre makeup'' and ''pretends to be a pop star''.

Posting a picture of herself on Instagram, the 'So What' singer wrote: ''Headed to my kids kindergarten class to bring rice crispy treats for her sixth birthday. It's weird that she's embarrassed by me. Not like I wear a lot of bizarre colorful fun make up or anything like I'm pretending to be a popstar. Kids these days (sic)''

And the singer - who has her daughter with her husband Carey Hart, with whom she also has five-month-old son Jameson - also posted a picture of Willow's impressive strawberry flavour birthday cake.

She captioned the snap: ''Strawberry and confetti double layer cake with buttercream icing and a magical faerie on top for a magical girl. #6 (sic)''

It wasn't just the 'Just Give Me A Reason' hitmaker who took to the photo sharing app to celebrate Willow's birthday, as former motocross competitor Carey, 41, dubbed his little girl as ''the best child'' he could ask for.

He wrote: ''Happy birthday to the baddest little girl on the planet. She is both my wife's, and my mini me. Her big party is tomorrow, but on fridays we do a bmx session at our house. But his Friday happened to be her B day. Our friends bring their kids, and we ride, BBQ, and try to replicate our childhoods. It is truly one of my favorite things. I love the intensity (see photo) and the craziness (also see photo) of this amazing person. Thanks so much Willow for being the best child a papa could ever ask for. I love you around the sun a million times and back. @harobmx@bell_powersports (sic)''