Pop star Pink helped a female fan propose to her girlfriend by popping the question herself on stage during a show in Sydney, Australia this week (beg05Aug13).

The singer, who is currently touring Down Under, stopped her show at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Wednesday night (07Aug13) to help a woman named Shirley declare her love for her partner Courtney.

Pink allowed Shirley to join her on stage and the star then picked out Courtney in the crowd, before issuing the proposal in front of thousands of cheering fans.

In video footage taken at the concert, the So What! hitmaker is seen approaching the audience saying, "Where is she? Hey Courtney - will you marry Shirley?" while Courtney can be heard shouting back "Yes! Oh my God!"

Pink later tweeted about the heart-warming stunt and also revealed a pregnant woman had to be rushed from the arena after going into labour during the show.

In a post on Twitter.com, she writes, "Let's see... Tonight I proposed for someone in the audience and she said yes... And then I sent a woman into labour! Great night! Sydney."