Pink is planning to ditch her punk look and go for more "traditional princess" attire at her forthcoming wedding to Motocross star Carey Hart.

The couple have been busying themselves with plans for their nuptials, and LADY MARMALADE singer Pink, real name ALECIA MOORE, admits she's finding it all a little stressful.

She says, "It's a full-time job - and we haven't even decided who will wear the dress yet! I'm looking at designers. I'm a Dickie's (work wear) girl, but in the end I'll probably be the traditional princess."

Hart, who bought Pink a 5-carat engagement ring because "she has big hands", adds of the wedding, "It'll happen after the first of the year. I'm so excited to be married to her I don't even care about the honeymoon. I'm just counting the days until our wedding!"

Pink and Hart have been dating since meeting at the X Games in June 2001.