Pop star Pink has urged her Twitter.com followers to show some "love" and stop criticising her for suggesting Norway is a city after she tweeted about the tragedy in Oslo last week (22Jul11).
The Scandinavian country was plunged into mourning on Friday (22Jul11) after a bombing in Oslo and a massacre on the island of Utoya. Officials initially claimed the death toll from both tragedies stood at 93, but that figure has since been reduced to 76.
Pink expressed her sadness at the tragedy in a post on her Twitter page on Sunday (24Jul11), writing, "my deepest sympathy is with those affected in Norway. you are a beautiful city and beautiful people and I send my heart and love."
But the star's failure to mention Oslo by name prompted a flurry of responses by readers quick to point out her mistake.
Pink hit back at her detractors on Monday (25Jul11), calling on them to stop being so "negative and lame".
She writes, "so bummed that a twitter filled with sympathy and love for a place that i've been so many times has been twisted into some drama by people... that (sic) have way too much free time on their hands.
"i do apologize that i left out the word Oslo, assuming everyone would know what i meant. the world makes me very sad sometimes, I wish people put more time and energy into Love + being Helpful Instead of being negative and Lame."