Pop star Pink insisted her lavish January (06) wedding be a traditional affair despite her reputation for being tough and outspoken. The singer, who is famous for her piercings, tattoos and punk hairdos, made sure she looked feminine for her marriage to motocross champ Carey Hart. She explains, "There's a little traditional screaming woman trying to claw her way out of my belly button. "I have many, many different personalities. And me and Carey are very traditional in the love we have for each other and our families." The pair did have a rockabilly band play at the reception, where she sang SWEET CHILD O' MINE to her groom and he sang Jack Johnson's FLAKE to his new bride. The singer - real name ALECIA MOORE - claims she enjoys a normal relationship with Hart, unlike other famous couples who are only interested in raising their profile. She adds, "It's not about who we are that keeps us together. We don't care if our significant other raises our stock. We just love each other."