Buxom pop star Pink has recalled the terrifying moment she was held up at gunpoint - and her friend was viciously pistol-whipped in the face.

The disturbing incident - which happened when she was just 13 - has left a lasting impression of the evil of mankind in the FEEL GOOD TIME singer's mind.

Hitmaker Pink and her pal were surrounded by a gang of men who held a gun to her head. While the singer managed to avoid physical conflict, her friend had a wad of cash stolen before being subjected to the violent assault.

She says, "All I had was my homework in my pocket. So they didn't take anything from me.

"They took $300 (GBP188) from my girlfriend and pistol-whipped her and they put her teeth into the back of her throat. It wasn't a fun evening.

"I didn't realise people could be so horrible. And really good at it. It helped that I grew up on the streets. Not too many people could pull the wool over my eyes."

09/07/2003 13:33