Pink has joked she sometimes wants to ''stab'' her husband ''with a fork''.

The 38-year-old singer has been married to Carey Hart - with whom she has six-year-old daughter Willow and nine-month-old son Jameson - since 2006, and although the pair have previously undergone two year-long breaks during their marriage, she says the key to making it work is to ''laugh as much as possible''.

She said: ''I just try to laugh as much as possible. And we go through moments where honestly I look at him and I think, 'I've never liked you at all, there's nothing I like about you, I've never liked you, I'll never like you again'. And then five minutes later I'm like, 'You look really good in those jeans'.

''And then two days later he's helping me off the ledge and telling me things that only he could tell me because he's known me that long. And then the next day I want to stab him with a fork. So yeah.''

The 'What About Us' hitmaker has been in a relationship with the retired motocross star for over 16 years, and admits that their relationship can be ''work'' at time, but ''it's worth it''.

She added: ''Being with the same person for a really long time - we're going on 16, 17 years now and we've grown up together - and it's work. But it's beautiful, it's worth it, otherwise we wouldn't do it.''

Meanwhile, Pink also reflected on her young son, whom she praised for adding ''six months'' to her life span whenever he smiles.

Speaking on The Sun newspaper's Bizarre Life podcast, she said: ''He is edible. That's how I cope because he looks at me and he sticks his tongue out and smiles and it adds like six months to my life.

''It gives me the six months back that he took the previous night screaming. Yeah one day at a time. Sometimes I hide under tables and be really quiet so they can't find me.''