Pink doesn't like "angry" airport customs officers.

The 'Just Like A Pill' singer was confronted by a difficult staff member when she touched down at an Austrian airport ahead of her concert in the Linzer Stadion, in Linz, on Thursday (08.07.10).

She tweeted: "Gotta love an angry customs man. Is that a prerequisite? Are you angry? Check. Welcome to your new job! Look out for smartass american girls. (sic)"

Although her arrival wasn't as smooth as she would have liked, the concert went well, despite some sound problems.

Pink added in another twitter post: "The sound was terrible tonight!!!!!!!!!! but the crowd made up 4 it:) and it was a beautiful scene. thanks Linz, Austria. all 27,000 of you!"

It seems Pink has a lot of trouble when she travels for her shows.

Earlier in the week, the 30-year-old pop star admitted she gets very frustrated when she has to wait for her luggage when she is checking out of hotels.

She tweeted: "Least fav thing to do on a day off when its nice out: wait for the hotel to bring me my bags. CAN I HAVE MY BAGS PLEASE????????? (sic)"

Pink is currently on her 'Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour' of Europe.

Following her performance in Austria, the singer is set to play two shows in Switzerland starting on Saturday (10.07.10) before heading to France, Germany and Russia next week.