Pop singer Pink hasn't let her failed marriage to ex Carey Hart put her off walking down the aisle again - insisting she "doesn't regret a minute" of their newly-reconciled relationship. The star - real name Alecia Moore - rekindled her romance with the motocross racer earlier this month (Jan09) amid reports Hart had moved back in with the singer after nearly a year apart.
But Pink admits she could still be swayed to walk down the aisle in the future.
She tells Seventeen magazine, "I don't know if I ever really believed in the institution of marriage. For both of us, our upbringings made us that way. He had a tough childhood, and I had World War III in my household.
"Our idea of marriage was never really a fairy tale. It was more like, 'We really like each other - we should just try, see what happens.'
"I don't regret a minute of it. I'll do it again. I'll do it a thousand more times, even though I don't really think marriage is necessary."
And the singer credits her new album, Funhouse, with helping her and Hart reconnect, adding: "I never said this really sweet, vulnerable stuff. I think writing this album the way I did has been really good for me, for him, for us, and for our friendship."
The couple parted ways last February (08) after two years of marriage.