Pop punk Pink has lashed out at Paris Hilton, challenging the socialite's spelling ability.

Hilton has been quoted in the US press saying Pink - who hasn't had a record out since November 2003 - is just using her and other celebrities to make a musical comeback, after lampooning the hotel heiress and other celebrities in her new video, STUPID GIRLS.

Pink has furiously challenged Hilton in return saying, "Spell it. Spell comeback!"

The singer makes no apologies for her new video for the song, in which she blasts a group of young starlets, thought to be Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen and Jessica Simpson, who she says perpetuate "the conveyor-belt (of) mindless consumerism" in the entertainment industry.

She admits she wrote the song with a certain breed of celebrity in mind, and it was her and her director Dave Meyers who decided to go after specific stars in the video.

Pink adds, "They were easy examples."