Pop star Pink can't bear to be apart from her baby daughter Willow and even struggles to let go whenever her husband Carey Hart wants to hold the child.
The So What hitmaker has been doting on the tot, her first child, since giving birth last summer (11) and Pink admits she finds it tough to be away from Willow for any amount of time.
During a new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she even halted the chat to check on her phone to make sure her baby was OK.
She told the reporter, "I'm sorry. I just have to check on my baby. She is so yummy, I can't stand it. I want her with me at all times. Even when Carey tries to take her, I'm like 'No, no, give her back to me.'"
Pink can't help but share her joy at motherhood, adding, "Ugh, I promised Carey that I wasn't going to come here and be that mum who just gushes for hours. But she just makes me so happy."