Feisty pop punk Pink is campaigning against the mistreatment of elephants in circuses and zoos.

The singer was shocked by the use of bullhooks and electric prods on an elephant during the making of her JUST LIKE A PILL VIDEO - and has written a letter to the mayor of Chicago RICHARD M DALY urging him to back a campaign to ban the equipment.

The campaign was launched after the sudden death of three elephants at the city's Lincoln Park Zoo.

If passed, the law would effectively end the use of elephants in circuses.

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals spokesman DAN MATHEWS says, "Pink learned about the abuse of captive elephants when a trainer brought one onto the set of her 'Just Like a Pill' video.

"She could see that something was wrong and she called us to learn more about the issue. Now, Pink would like to see circuses pack their trunks."