Raunchy pop babe Pink is planning to hang onto her new man TOMMY LEE - because the sex is incredible.

The TROUBLE singer, 24, who made headlines when she was snapped in a lesbian clinch with actress Kristanna Loken last year (03), has told pals she is completely satisfied by the 41-year-old ex-Motley Crue rocker - and sees exactly why his ex-wife Pamela Anderson liked him.

According to Britain's STAR magazine, she told a friend during a recent night at New York's LOTUS club, "Tommy is out of this world - a great kisser and an amazing lover. I can see why they call him T-BONE - he's the biggest guy I've ever seen.

"I'm definitely not letting him go. He's the best f*** I've ever had, and it's not often a girl can say that. He makes me feel things I've never felt before - and I'm not just talking mentally."

And the friend tells the magazine, "She's really hoping that Tommy is a keeper. The relationship has got off to a great start, so she's keeping her fingers crossed that it doesn't go down the pan. She hasn't had the most positive experiences with men."

06/01/2004 17:55