Pop star Pink was advised not to track down a troubled young fan after she revealed all about her rape ordeal in a letter she gave to the singer.
The Trouble hitmaker met the 13 year old outside a TV taping in New York and was deeply moved by her hell at home, but her handlers told her to leave the matter alone.
She explains, "She gave me this letter (and) it was literally, 'My mom just died, my grandfather was raping her, and now he's raping me. And I want to kill myself, but I don't because of your music.'
"I'm sitting there bawling my eyes out, trying to call Child Services and figure out where this girl is and can I take her with me. I was told that legally I couldn't touch it."
The new mum admits the letter - and hundreds since - have reminded her how important music can be.
She tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "It's sort of like group therapy... Those are the kinds of letters I get every single day. It's not just like, 'Oh my God, Pink, I love your hair...!' It's, 'I like you because you make me want to be like me (sic)'."