One of Pink's discarded tracks have been put to good use - by her sexy singing pal Mya.

MY LOVE IS LIKE... WO beauty Mya came across the Pink-penned track while recording her newly-released album MOODRING - and loved it so much she decided to snap it up.

She says, "Pink was working on M!ZZUNDAZTOOD and we worked with the same producer, DAMON ELLIOTT. He played me the song, and I was like, 'Why didn't she use this song? I really love it.'

"It's called TAKE A PICTURE, it's a beautiful song. I asked her if I could record it, just to try it. When I was working on the movie Chicago, I recorded it in Toronto. I kept the vocals, I kept everything and it's on my album."

23/07/2003 09:22