Pink admits she can be "really mean" to her husband.

The outspoken singer was horrified when Carey Hart - who she has been married to for four years - told her she was making him unhappy with some of the comments she made when they argued but she has now changed her ways.

She said: "I'm so dramatic... and in the past, I've been really mean.

"Carey sat me down one day when we were fighting and said, 'Baby, when you call me names, it hurts my feelings. Please try to stop.' And I was like, 'Wow, thank you for telling me how you feel.' Now I fight fair."

The 30-year-old star - who reconciled with the motocross racer last year following a brief split - also laughed off speculation she and Carey are planning to try for a baby, but admitted she would like to start a family in the future.

She told America's Cosmopolitan magazine: "At this point, we're still trying not to, but I can't wait to not try not to."

The 'So What' hitmaker also revealed she dated the "perfect" man when she split from Carey, 34, in 2008, but ended the relationship when she realised how much she loved her husband.

She explained: "I met the perfect guy. He was everything I wanted - he was romantic, he was a musician, and he was ready to jump in headfirst.

"But at one point, I looked at him, and I was like, 'You're perfect... but you're not Carey.' "