Pink has angered Australian ministers and farmers over her boycott of Australian wool.

She recently called for a boycott of Australian wool over the controversial issue of mulesing, telling fans at a Paris concert to leave products made from Australian wool "on the rack".

But government ministers and the farming industry have sent a message to Pink, telling her to stick to her music and leave farming to the experts.

One angry farmer, Bill Heffernan, told Melbourne's Herald Sun: "You get somebody  and I'm not referring to her (Pink)  buy you get people who spend their time plaiting their armpits, smoking pot and sniffing coke and become world experts."

Australia's treasurer Peter Costello, said farmers would not take advice from Pink.

"Australia's farmers are doing it tough. They are good people. I just don't think Pink understands sheep to the extent that farmers do," said Mr Costello.

Pink is due to start a tour of Australia in April.

21/12/2006 07:36:02