Pink refused to co-host tonight's (06NOV03) MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS with her rival CHRISTINA AGUILERA - deepening the feud between the pair.

The GET THE PARTY STARTED singer was offered the chance to join Christina in presenting the prestigious ceremony - which is being held in Edinburgh, Scotland - but refused to share the stage with the raunchy star.

She says, "It just wouldn't work. I wouldn't do it with her because that would take the fun out of it. I don't like all the big female diva battles.

"I've never seen Christina host a show and I think it's surprising they are having someone like that in charge of the MTV Europe Music Awards."

Earlier this week (ends07NOV03) Christina fuelled her rift with Pink by accusing the colourful singer of copying her.

She said, "When has Pink not been copying me? In her fashion it's always like, 'Gosh, I just wore that last week.'"

Worried record bosses have also had to book the pop stars into different hotels during their stay in Scotland to try and stop any ugly incidents between them.

A source from the pair's record company BMG says, "Two hotels may cost a fortune but it's worth it to separate them.

"Everyone's on tenterhooks about what will happen at the actual ceremony. We can't keep them apart for ever."

06/11/2003 14:02