Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters' daughter India left home at 14 because she couldn't face living with her family after her parents divorced.

The DARK SIDE OF THE MOON musician walked out on his family to live with new love PRICILLA PHILLIPS in 1992 - and India decided to take responsibility for herself by leaving too.

The 26-year-old says, "Whatever anyone says, divorce is the most horrific thing for a child. Everybody ends up a victim. My mother was beside herself, my brother didn't know what to do and I just didn't know how to cope.

"I felt lost, abandoned, frightened, vulnerable. As a child you have absolutely no control. I wanted to take control, so I left the house like my dad. From that moment on I needed to make all the decisions in my life.

"When my dad left it felt like everything had broken into pieces. I had this overwhelming feeling of being on my own. I desperately craved the safety of being part of a family, so I just needed to find a different sort of family of my own."

26/01/2005 09:37