Pink Floyd star Roger Waters is delighted he now attracts legions of young women at his live shows - because they're more likely to wave their knickers at him.
The bassist, 64, admits his audiences have undergone a gender switch since he started out performing, and loves being seen as something of a heart-throb.
He says, "Women did tend to have a slightly different reaction to us from men. But I'm happy to say that women in general - and young women in particular - are attaching themselves to this stuff a lot more than they used to.
"There's definitely a bit more knicker-waving now, which is a good thing. My audience is now packed with young women, whereas it always used to be young mean in greatcoats. You look at some of that old footage on YouTube and you can see that the audience used to sit there, actually sit, very still and quiet, concentrating and listening very carefully."