Live 8 is over and now it's all down to the politicians to make decisions that could change the world at the G8 Summit later this week (begs06JUL05), but didn't the rockers, rappers and pop stars do well?

Ten cities cross the world staged amazing shows - from Tokyo, Japan to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - but just who made their mark on the global radio show?'s editors and writers worked tirelessly over the weekend, checking out every Live 8 performance on Saturday (02JUL05).

So, before you hit the download button and legally record a host of performances that didn't matter, this is's top 10 of Live 8 performances.

We're all agreed that London served up the best show, with Pink Floyd's historic reunion easily topping the list. Here's who else we thought made a big difference at Live 8:

1: PINK FLOYD in London

2: The Who in London

3: Sir Paul McCartney in London

4: Green Day in Berlin

5: Coldplay in London

6: Madonna in London

7: Stevie Wonder in Philadelphia

8: VELVET REVOLVER - in London

9: Razorlight in London

10: Brian Wilson in London.

04/07/2005 02:09