Pink Floyd's new album is an ''evocative and emotional'' tribute to their late band member Richard Wright.

Guitarist and vocalist, Dave Gilmour, has revealed that 'The Endless River' - their first album since 1994's 'The Division Bell' - will pay tribute to the late rocker - who played keyboard for the band - until his death from cancer in 2008.

Dave told Uncut magazine: ''It is a tribute to him. I mean, to me, it's very evocative and emotional in a lot of moments. And listening to all the stuff made me regret his passing all over again.

''This is the last chance someone will get to hear him playing along with us in that way he did.''

The 18-track LP will feature the music Dave and drummer Nick Mason recorded with Richard before his death.

Dave explained: ''When we finished 'The Division Bell' sessions, we had many pieces of music, only nine of which had become songs on the LP.

''Now with Rick gone and without the chance of ever doing it again, it feels right these revisited tracks should be made available as part of our repertoire.''

'The Endless River' - which will be released on November 10 - is mainly instrumental but the track 'Louder Than Words' has new lyrics, penned by Polly Samson.

Previously, an insider revealed that the track would be the band's last ''real song'' together.

The insider explained: ''It's got lots of keyboards from Rick so you can see why the band are calling it his swansong. ''The track that Gilmour recorded vocals on will be the band's last-ever real song. It's a proper epic and a fitting farewell.''