Pink Floyd star Nick Mason has invested in the London music shop where he bought his first drum kit to stop the owners going bust.

The drummer was upset to learn Foote's store was under threat of closure, so he teamed up with the business' long-time sales director, Rob Wilson, to buy the shop.

He tells Britain's ITV News, "I was very disappointed when I heard that Foote's was going to close because it is one of my great memories of being a young, budding drummer, going to the original shop in Denman Street and buying my very first kit for £7.50.

"The thing about a drum shop... it's the place where information gets passed around. You hear about new things... if you need a drum lesson, the best place to go is probably a drum shop and ask them for advice."

Despite his investment, Mason insists he won't have a significant involvement in the running of the store, adding, "I think I will try not to be too hands on. I doubt that I'd be very much help really. I'd love to come in occasionally and keep an eye on things and see what's going on but I don't think I'm going to be behind the counter on a regular basis."