Live 8 stars who saw their record sales rocket following their performances at the London leg of the charity extravaganza on Saturday (02JUL05) are being urged to donate the extra profits to charity.

The figures, released by British music retailer HMV, fuels cynics' claims that many acts played Live 8 to boost their own careers.

Pink Floyd's reunion prompted a massive 1,400 per cent sales rise for their ECHOES: THE BEST OF album while Madonna, Joss Stone and DIDO saw their CD sales more than double.

Pink Floyd have answered critics by refusing to profit from the event.

Guitarist DAVID GILMOUR says, "If other artists donate their extra royalties to charity, perhaps the record companies could do the same. This money should be used to save lives."

HMV spokesman GENNARO CASTALDO says, "Like it's predecessor 20 years ago the Live 8 concert is having a marked effect on sales."

05/07/2005 01:55