Pink Floyd star David Gilmour deeply regrets not trying harder to visit his late friend SYD BARRETT before his death last year (06) and wishes he had been more forthright in his efforts to see the reclusive genius. Gilmour replaced Barrett as the rock band's frontman in 1968, but the pair remained good pals until he passed away in 2006 after suffering health complications from diabetes. And the 61-year-old is sad he never got the chance to say goodbye. He says, "I now have this lasting regret that I was so obedient to the family's wishes not to disturb his peace. A few years ago, my wife Polly said to me, 'How would you feel if he dies?'. I said, 'Regretful, probably'. And I am. "I should have gone down there, knocked on his door, and said, 'Hey - let's go for a pint'. Because we were friends."