Pink Floyd axeman Dave Gilmour has slammed close pal SIR PAUL McCARTNEY - for not donating more of his $1.26 billion (GBP700 million) fortune to charity.

The DARK SIDE OF THE MOON star - who often features on the British rich lists alongside the former BEATLE - says he finds it incredibly difficult to spend his enormous wealth, and wonders what McCartney is doing with his own bank balance.

And Gilmour - who recently sold his London home for $6.4 million (GBP3.6 million) and donated the sum to homeless charity CRISIS - wants to encourage the LET IT BE legend to part with some money to help complete a community project that needs funds.

He says, "I am supposed to have GBP80 million ($144 million), according to the Rich List, GBP3 million is just a fraction of what the project is going to cost and it needs people with serious money to help out.

"My friend Paul McCartney is meant to have more than GBP500 million ($900 million). The way he lives, you can understand where GBP100 million ($180 million) goes. But I have no idea what he does with the other GBP400 million ($720 million).

"That's a crazy amount of money and nobody needs it."

09/02/2004 16:56